Exercise 1

Write a class called MyString which has a function called "devowel" which returns the input string with no vowel

s = MyString("hello")
s.devowel() # returns "hll"

Exercise 2

Write a class called Player which starts with 100 health has 2 functions, hit and heal which hit and heal the player for some specified value. Once the players health to 0 or less, print out "he ded"

p = Player()
p.hit(1) # prints out "he ded"

Exercise 3

Write a Python class named Circle constructed by a radius and which has two methods which will compute the area and the perimeter of a circle

 c = Circle(5)
c.perimeter() # prints out 2*pi*5
c.area() # prints out pi*5^2

Exercise 4

Write 2 Python classs named Rectangle and Square, Rectangle should take in height and width and have a function to computer permeter and area. Square should inherit these functions from Rectangle and be constructed with just 1 paramater, x

 r = Rectangle(1,2)
r.area()      # 2
r.perimeter() # 6
s = Square(2)
s.perimeter() # 8
s.area()      # 4