Exercise 1

Write a script that given a topic such as car via input will go to the wikipedia page for that topic and print out the first line and then ask for more input until the user types in "done"

$ python my_script.py
Please enter a topic: car
A car (or automobile) is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transportation.
Please enter a topic: done

Exercise 2

Write a function that given some key word arguments and a format string prints out a formated string

magic("a b c",a=1,b="hello",c="woah") # returns "1 hello woah"
magic("i love name",name="python") # returns "i love python"
Hint: you can use the string function `.replace`

Exercise 3

given a csv file as shown below write a function to read in the file and print out the average of each students marks

suzy: 92.86%
ben: 7.14%
simon: 0.00%
Do this both hand and with the csv module

Exercise 4 (optional)

Write a script that when given 2 wikipedia topics as a command line arguments will print out if you can get from the first article to the second i.e is there a link to the second page from the first

python my_script.py Car Motor_vehicle